Systemorph develops information management solutions that revolutionize actuarial & risk functions in financial services companies.

Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, Systemorph is led by a team of IT professionals with deep expertise in risk management, enterprise systems, mathematical modeling, information management and enterprise capital management.

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The Systemorph Solutions offer simple yet powerful capabilities for risk managers, actuaries, financial managers, quantitative risk analysts and others to structure, synthesize, communicate and control advanced business domain models and the data populating them.  Unique capabilities include Context-Aware Data Management for agile collaboration and nimble decision-making. With Systemorph’s High-Authenticity Data Synthesis, financial services companies will enjoy more consistent data for better informed risk management, actuarial and quantitative risk decisions.The word Systemorph combines the words System and Morphosis, a Greek word for the process of assuming shape and education. Together, these terms describe the Systemorph Solutions’ unique flexibility to model any business domain and educate users with critical information essential to modeling risk.

The Systemorph Solutions offer ultra-rapid deployment dramatically cutting project implementation time and cost by an order of magnitude thanks to modern design and modular architecture. With the ability to integrate with any data source, workflow, system or application, Systemorph Solutions fit seamlessly into an enterprise’s IT environment and empower actuaries, risk managers, quantitative risk analysts and financial managers to collaborate and make decisions with more accurate and more consistent information.

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