Systemorph offers breakthrough business domain modeling solutions delivering simple yet powerful Enterprise Data Management for better actuarial modeling, quantitative risk analysis and risk management.

With a modern design and the ability to interface with any data source, the Systemorph Solutions can be used for applications such as: Enterprise Risk Aggregation; Computation and Allocation of Required Capital; Active Capital Management; Centralized Pricing; Reserving; and Financial Planning.

Application examples include:

  • Data management: Collect and edit data across various stakeholders in a transparent and fully audited manner.
  • Calculation tools (pricing, risk management, reserving): Administer inputs, calculations, and reports in a modern web application. Flexible access ensures the generation of ad hoc reports and analyses.
  • Master data and reference data management: administer the master data for entire business domains. Manage and communicate key assumptions and parameters for calculation systems centrally. Inject logic, such as business rules and smart defaults of data into the domains. Communicate the data in a variety of formats through modern web technologies to interfacing systems. Full data versioning allows for updating the reference data while being able to query any historic state instantaneously.

Systemorph Solutions Process

The Systemorph Solutions provide:

  1. Simplicity:  centralized control of modeling, but distributed responsibility for keeping data accurate, with intuitive tools and functions
  2. Power:  high-authenticity data enables models to incorporate accurate data of varying granularity, for better decision-making based on more authentic inputs
  3. Consistency:  automatic updates and tracking of all dependencies to the data source enables all calculations to be based on “one version of the truth”
  4. Value:  tailored functionality with ultra-rapid development and integration with any data source, at a tiny fraction of custom system prices

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