Context-Aware Data Management

Professionals analyzing risk and uncertainty in today’s financial services industry face a range of challenges:

  • Increasingly complex business environments demand increasingly complex risk models
  • A massive influx of new data from new sources complicates analysis and maintenance of data accuracy
  • Varied stakeholders across groups, geographies and functions must collaborate and understand one another’s output and contributions to the model

Powerful Modeling Using Structured Data

Systemorph Solutions provide unique Enterprise Data Management capabilities to dramatically simplify the definition of and management of structured data in a business domain model.

  • Flexible modeling captures all aspects of structured data such as entity definitions and relationships, validations, business rules, and access rights in a central place.
  • “One version of the truth”: Centralized data and control with distributed responsibility for data accuracy means models are based on consistent, perpetually accurate data.
  • Simple, intuitive interface and tools put data management and analysis power into hands of more users.

Photo by Collaboration

Systemorph Solutions form the foundation for a simple yet powerful collaboration process among all risk analysis stakeholders. The solutions permit all users to understand the context of any data point by accessing the data owner’s context and reasons for a given value. The result is highly efficient collaboration, with less time wasted to data verification and more time spent analyzing and making mission-critical decisions.

  • Users can view all data in the context in which it was generated,  including instantly accessing supporting material, comments or context documentation directly appended to data. Reasons for values are immediately apparent, reducing rework, redundant research and streamlining collaboration.
  • The solutions’ intuitive, clean, elegant interface permits control of powerful functions with context-based navigation. Related information is only a click away from any data point.
  • Precise communication of data and the system’s intuitive interaction workspace permit structured collaboration across multiple users, multiple tasks and multiple data points.
  • Data calls can be formulated with the precise granularity required, ensuring comprehensiveness and consistency of resulting data delivered.

Delegated Data Management, Centralized Control

The Systemorph Solutions feature a simple data management interface, modification rules and a data-driven workflow process. These capabilities permit a central manager to assign distributed users to supply and update data values to be used in risk modeling and analysis.

The result is constantly updated, perpetually accurate data for collaboration, analysis and decision-making across users, teams, groups and domains. Like a skilled symphony orchestra, each individual contributor plays his or her part. But central control … like a conductor … directs the individual parts to form a harmonious whole.

Further, Systemorph provides documentation of all data change histories, across all branches and all versions. Now t risk analysis modeling has complete continuity across data owners, organizational changes, and time.  The result is comprehensive auditability of the model and its evolution.

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