Ultra-Rapid Development

The development of new risk models typically has been a lengthy, expensive and difficult task, requiring extensive customization by highly skilled software experts.

Systemorph Solutions for Enterprise Data Management revolutionize model development by enabling tailored functionality and integration with any data source to be completed at a small fraction of a custom system price.  Thanks to modern design, Systemorph Solutions accelerate project deployment to less than 12 months and cuts deployment risk to virtually zero. Furthermore, maintenance and extension of the system is dramatically simpler and less expensive because of its modularity and abstraction of complex functions.

Tailored Functionality for Less Than “Off-the-Shelf”

The Systemorph Solutions feature modern design with a host of benefits. 

The development and integration costs of other modeling systems can often run to five times the license costs of the systems, reflecting the extensive and expensive customization required to implement them. In contrast, Systemorph’s development and integration costs are at a 1:1 ratio with the license costs, thanks to the modern, modular design and simple integration with other systems.

  • Zero-lag development:  Live pair programming with the business user and the model developer provide immediate visibility of the application, producing an executable business specification.
  • Convention over configuration:  Fields and values are predefined by universal conventions so that only exceptions require configuration, streamlining development tasks.
  • “Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY)” and “One version of the truth”:  Identical data elements across modules share a single source, ensuring consistency, eliminating duplication of data management tasks.


The Solutions are easily integrated into any data source, workflow, system or application via its modern, powerful HTML5 interface. The interface includes smart logic injection that enhances data context and usability, while the system interfaces with familiar applications such as Excel and calculation tools.

With standards-based connectors and extensible APIs, the Solutions can read from any data source, map inbound data to a common model, and translate data for synthesis.  Via support updates, the Solutions adapt rapidly and easily to changes in underlying systems. That is made possible by Systemorph’s abstracted, modular technology that masks the complexity of interfacing with and normalizing the inputs from disparate data sources.

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